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Search Engine Optimization - SEO Services in Sri Lanka

SEO Sri Lanka is one of our core business areas that we specialized in. Being the best SEO specialist in Sri Lanka, we always guarantee the best & fastest SEO solutions and best SEO services in Sri Lanka. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the know-how of how search engines recognize sites with keyword-rich content in order to position them on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and leveraging this understanding to deliver the best possible online visibility via improved natural search rankings. For any company, SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a big role in online marketing because this is how customers find your business and if they are not able to find you, they won’t be able to buy from you.

Our unique & best SEO services in Sri Lanka will help to increase the online presence of your business, and it will generate qualified traffic to your site and turn them into quality leads. We have the best SEO experts in Sri Lanka & Our SEO experts will help you dominate your competitors on the search engines by increasing leads, sales and revenue through improving Website Search Engine Rankings.

Why Dreamshapers' SEO Strategy outperforms the Competition

Be Found by Your Customers

We rank your brand higher on organic searches, where customers can find you, naturally. The power of our link building strategy and content marketing plan will direct relevant qualified traffic to your website. Our professional SEO services & best SEO solutions in Sri Lanka will make sure that your brand is found at the point of customers are looking.

Optimize Every Page for Success

Poor website speeds, page load times and crawl issues will bring your website ranking down. Being the best SEO company in Sri Lanka, we overcome any technical factors that could be holding back your website’s search engine ranking using the advance & regional best SEO techniques by our best SEO specialists in Sri Lanka.

Rank for the Right Keywords

First, we understand which keywords will get the best SEO results. Then, we plan and prioritize our SEO marketing strategy to match & improve the content with rich keywords to beat the competition and drive quality traffic. Advanced Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis are two main areas that we master in our best SEO services in Sri Lanka.

Monitoring the User Experience

We use Google Analytics & other advanced analytic tools to evaluate set targets & achievements on a continuous basis while updating the SEO project plan in order to upgrade SEO performance. Our SEO specialists are continuously monitoring your website's SEO performances, & we guarantee that you achieve your SEO targets in the most cost-effective & fastest manner.

Our SEO Approach - Cutting Edge SEO Services in Sri Lanka

Project Analysis

The present website’s organic SEO performance in Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), precise content, market competition, and customer personas should be identified to structure the framework of the SEO Strategy.

Environment Audit 

It is important to analysis and evaluates the SWOT of your Client’s digital environment along with the position in Search engines of your Competitors, prior to SEO strategy planning and implementation.


We do keyword research using  World best analysis tools in order to understand how your prospective customers search for your products and services. This process ensures that we identify the most productive keywords for each product and service of your business.

On-Site SEO Strategy

We make sure your website structure is SEO friendly and is optimized using customized Headings, Tags, keyword-rich content and images. SEO friendly structure and SEO friendly content will help to position the web site on top of the Search Engine rankings.

Off-Site SEO Strategy

Building off-site links from top sites and directories, content marketing, social media optimization, and blogging, are few of our key off-site SEO strategies that help to increase the visibility of your website and improve more traffic. The practice of drive traffic from other blogs, websites, listings, and directories, through external links, is a key strategy of getting more traffic to your website.

Reporting & Monitoring

SEO measurements & tracking reports will be prepared to provide precise information that allows for the verification of SEO performance & further improvements. Dreamshapers Search Engine Optimization Services offer 100%  transparency on every activity undertaken to our clients. Periodical reports on the SEO performance of your site against the competition will be provided across multiple search engines.

Our SEO Clients

Get Started to be the Number One. Ask us how.

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What is SEO & What is Ethical SEO?

Search engine optimization is a set of technical processes that helps to align your website to be visible to targeted visitors when they search your products & services in search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo. So there is no point having a website for your products and services if it is not visible to your target audience when they search your brand. Therefore SEO is a must-have solution for your website if it is not in the first pages of your customer’s favorite search engines. Learn more on SEO

Dreamshapers is a professional and specialized Search Engine Optimization service provider in Sri Lanka. We are one of the leading SEO service companies in Sri Lanka who help businesses to improve their online visibility with guaranteed results. We offer the best prices for SEO services in Sri Lanka while assuring the industry best results for SEO services.


Key Characteristics of an SEO Expert


SEO process assures your site to be visible to organic sales. Once you get quality leads from organic searches, you need to make sure that everything in your website has aligned & ready to convert your leads to sales. We are a full-service SEO company & digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka that can deliver results with Conversion Rate Optimization services in Sri Lanka (CRO Sri Lanka).

Another reason to select Dreamshapers for SEO Services in Sri Lanka is that we are a White-Hat SEO Company. There are various unethical SEO practices & shortcuts also available in the market, though they are not long-lasting. By building backlinks from various irrelevant sites, just for the sake of getting visibility is one common technique most people do. There is no benefit to your brand if you don’t get conversions & improve sales. If you want to get quality leads, you should aim to show up for your target audience. And the other problem is when Google changes their search algorithms and identify those shortcuts, they take steps to bring-down your rankings and it is very difficult to come up again.

We are professionally qualified SEO specialists in Sri Lanka with digital marketing backgrounds. In addition to the advanced keyword research process, we analyze consumer behaviour & future consumer behaviour trends also to understand the correct Keywords & Keyword Phrases that people search for your products and services.

This professional approach to SEO services in Sri Lanka, helps your brand to be visible to your target audience ensuring quality leads and more sales resulting in more revenue to your business, outperforming your competition steadily and strongly.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

Today most of the people use to search products & services through the internet before they take any purchase decision. They type commonly used words or word phrases on their favorite search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.…). These are called keywords or keyword phrases which people use to search required product suppliers or service providers. If your search engine is Google, it gives search results by pages, which comes with 10 search results for each page. What SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service providers do is, that they uplift your company website to the first page on your search engine, for your business-related keywords. That is the job of an SEO expert can do for your website.

There are ethical SEO techniques and also unethical ways, to get your website into the first page. We practice only the White–Hat SEO, which is the ethical way. If you do SEO in an unethical way, though you enjoy few benefits in the short run, your site will be downgraded by Google and other search engines in the long-run eventually.

To get good SEO results continuously, you should practice SEO strategies regularly and should not stop after a couple of months.

Dreamshapers Search Engine Optimization Service in Sri Lanka offers the best rates for SEO services in the market. Since we use only white-hat SEO methods, your site will be benefitted immensely in the long-run as well.

Our SEO Service in Sri Lanka helps businesses to generate qualified traffic. We turn them into quality leads and improve Sales, by Improving your website Search Engine Rankings. Let our SEO experts boost your sales and revenue.

Benefits of our unique Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service in Sri Lanka

• We drive potential customers to your website by increasing the presence of your business online. We help you to outperform your competitors on the search engines.
• We guarantee an increase in online retail business revenue.
• Our strongly appealing keyword-rich content will push your site visitors for conversions.
• Our Onsite SEO strategy and SEO friendly site structure helps fast loading and it is convenient for your website visitors to find products and services quickly.

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long term investment for any company who wish to get visible online to their targeted audience. Our SEO Services make sure that search engines can easily find your website and listed above the competition. We provide periodical analytical data and statistics with regard to SEO ranking and visitors engagement which are very useful to plan your next level of online campaigns effectively. Our SEO services go beyond Keywords & Meta tags. With the fierce online market competition, SEO has become a complex process. We believe that the ability to strike the right balance between advanced technology and marketing knowledge brings the best results in rupees & cents.

We offer 360 degree SEO services in Sri Lanka including onsite SEO, Offsite SEO, Link building services and many more. Before applying search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to any website, we need to know how search engines view it. Based on the way search engines recognize your website, when a prospective customer searches for your products or services – search engines will give you a list of results. Therefore it is very important to market your site to search engines first, as the way people search your products and services.

To get good results on SEO, your website should be error-free. At the same time, it should be simple and appealing to your visitors. We make sure that every single page of your website is optimized for search engines based on your products and services. When people search for similar services or products, we take steps to show up your site above the competition. Our reporting system is very comprehensive and it will help you to understand the online consumer behavior and do the necessary changes accordingly.

Being the best SEO Company in Sri Lanka, Dreamshapers provide total SEO solutions to small companies as well as medium and large scale business enterprises. We offer periodical solutions as well as long term strategic SEO solutions depending on your corporate objectives.

What are the Types of SEO Services?

If you plan to start marketing online, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the key processes that any company should follow, to ensure your website is visible to your targeted audience.

It is an amazing advantage if you can showcase your products and services to your target audience, before your competitors show-up and steal your share of the pie. Our Expert SEO team is able to prepare your site to be visible and we will inform you on analytical data such as demographic details of visitors, How many visitors have been visited your website; Which pages they have visited & how long they have stayed on your every page etc. Being a leading SEO company in Sri Lanka we provide Technical SEO Services, On-page SEO Services, Off-page SEO Services, Advanced Keyword Research Services, Deep Link Building Services, SEO Audits & SEO Consultancy services to a variety of clients worldwide.

We also do a manual search engine submission of your website to all the major search engines. Our team has the SEO expertise and experience to build, maintain and enhance your SEO strategy, so you can get maximum online visibility.

SEO helps to increase your website’s visibility in the search engines and present your site to a high-quality and targeted audience. Our SEO specialists in Sri Lanka know how to drive qualified traffic to your website through our cutting edge SEO strategy. We provide SEO friendly web designing services in Sri Lanka. We are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive service to meet the international standard of excellence while maintaining the cost-effectiveness to suit the client’s budget.

Our advanced keyword research enables to update the site content using the optimum keywords and phrases and to increase search engine positioning. We use proprietary techniques to develop keyword specific pages.

With the years of experience, our SEO professionals have been able to deliver an outstanding SEO results that strengthen your online presence. We follow globally accepted and most trusted tools and techniques in captivating a leap forward move towards SEO to keep our customers on the top. With our proven SEO strategies search engines can effortlessly list your website on the top for web searches. All major Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, use over 300 ranking criteria’s to rank websites. Further search engines are continually changing & tuning their algorithms. Therefore if you want to stay in front of organic search results, you need to persistently advance SEO process.

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